Mind at peace

"When the mind is at rest, I see the moon rising and the wind blowing gently. Then I realize that the world is not necessarily an ocean of suffering." (Caigentan, ca. 1590s.)

This is relevant. This is about our relationship with thoughts and perceptions, and - sometimes - with direct experience. An alignment with calm, clarity, insight, choice.

For me it means, when I work on my mission, when I begin to strive to make this a better world, I can step back again, and say, "Yes, I will work; Yes, I will help create a shift in our relationship to our planet, each other, ourselves; AND I can experience peace."

No striving, mind at ease, hanging with the tension between what is and can be, the tension holding me and guiding me.

Want to hang out in that gap, be with the moon, be a rebel in the wind?

photo: conrad-ziebland | unsplash

photo: conrad-ziebland | unsplash