Voice and vulnerability

"When meaningful change happens, it doesn’t mean a change in position but a change in how we live together and how we treat each other." (James Shaheen)

Violence, needs unmet, ultimate acts of cynicism. Sri Lanka on an Easter Sunday. The chasms of our collective hurt. The tears of each child, parent, person. These wounds we harbor in the closed, isolated, lonely heart... They. Us. Me. No separation. 

How do we respond, we who want to value ethical business, a better world, fairness and justice? For me, I can't join the cynics, by turning away, the bitterness of justifying myself (again) in business as usual: I don't think it works that way. 

Perhaps we can up the game. Assert our voices for love. Take risks in seeing each other, the heart at peace, yet fierce and deeply perceptive. Know some will criticize our position. Do it anyway. The vulnerable conversation. Listening just a bit longer. The loner employee, the quiet CFO. My client trying so hard. 

Who are we? What do you long for? What breaks your heart? Putting my money behind this deep calm of candid care. We are not the wound. We can be the knowing of the wound, love anyways. Whole. 

photo: kristina-tripkovic | unsplash

photo: kristina-tripkovic | unsplash