Move to the next level of your endeavors. Step into your truth as a leader. Travel beyond the mind's chatter into focus, clarity, and calm.

Leadership can be lonely. There may be few to talk to when you work through challenges. It can be hard to find independent, non-judgmental perspective. It is not always easy to implement critical strategies. You have felt the stress of opportunities as well as stumbling blocks, things that matter dearly to you, your team, your career, your organization. You so want to live and become the best you can be.

So where do you turn? Where can you work through your doubts, your dreams and goals, your overwhelm amid responsibilities and complexities, your fear of failure, fear even of success? Where or how to start?

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult.” - Warren Bennis has written.

Welcome to Space Beyond Words Coaching: We support you through the process. Our mission is simple: To unlock possibilities for deep success in powerful one-on-one conversations. To help you become yourself, so you can accomplish what is important to you. We are committed to providing a space that can awaken you into aliveness, capability, joy. We offer a clear, safe sounding board and are in your corner when you are dealing with complex issues, urgent challenges, questions about your values and truth, when you seek practical, effective, inspiring steps forward.

How do you step into living all that you are - for yourself, others, your organization, for all that matters so much to you? How can you inhabit your very best? What actions can you take? The invitation is to lean into such questions, while developing truthful ways of being. Coaching is a transformative experience, yet also relies on standardized methods with clear, written objectives and metrics. You notice results.   

If you have any questions about leadership coaching, please ask.  I will be happy to talk with you. Thank you. Sophia Schweitzer,  Kapaau, Hawaii.  

inner resources, highest potential - coaching with sophia
coaching for clarity and leadership
Sophia Schweitzer, NLP and solution-focused coach.

Space Beyond Words holds at its core that happiness and success are possible. We can live our lives in spaciousness, with clarity and ease, connected to the truth and experience of joy, caring, kindness, and equanimity. We can prosper despite inevitable pain and challenges. In the present moment, we are capable of accessing new levels of intelligence and open-hearted vision, and tap into inner resources for the unfolding of our highest-potential. We need this radical leadership. 

Space Beyond Words Coaching links your deepest values to your vision, heightens motivation, and accelerates positive action.

Our promise:

In the partnership that you create, we promise to offer a safe space for you to explore your goals, moment by moment and long-term, a space where positive intentions take on form. From dream to vision, from abstract values to solution-focused planning and actual action, the embracing of inner or outer leadership tends to be easier, lighter, and more efficient when you have someone go the distance with you. We promise to respect you, with integrity, kindness, and honesty, while you amplify your choices and capabilities. It's like finding breathing space for aspirations to turn smart. 


If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you. It’s only a matter of how. You make a difference with your life.