Maybe part of this resonates: Something in you isn’t at ease. You love your work (or used to), are supposedly successful, but you don’t feel effective. You would love pragmatic support, new insight. You are capable and creative, yet secretly you feel flawed. You work super hard: It is not enough. You feel lonely, uncertain.

Welcome to Space Beyond Words Coaching: Which is about you feeling more effective and with your heart at peace. Making a difference and feeling great. Moving forward, positive impact, success. The relief of knowing you are enough, a more spacious way of being, for you, your business. The impossible becoming rebelliously possible. 

Because: You care. You care much, deeply, for this earth, all that is wrong. And you know that your business can be a great force for good. But there is a gap. You want to live, give, feel joy, belong, be the best you are already—for you, for a better world. You are tired at times. You want energy again.

Often it is easier to untangle issues and leap to your next level with someone else. Why go with Space Beyond Words? A clear promise. Professional.

The promise: Through our work together you’ll access ease and become way more effective. With energy, contribution, clarity. Measurable success. You’ll learn how to be all of you, understanding that you are not alone in your feelings. You’ll see how vastly capable and enough you are. To love living in the paradox of this awesome life.

Changing the ways we think and act for change.


Deep coaching requires trust. It may take courage (for me as well)...until you discover that you’re built for this reality, ease is your natural way of being, you can trust yourself, us, this life. Let’s take small steps to trust our relationship first. I will be happy to talk with you. Thank you! Sophia Schweitzer,  Kapaau, Hawaii.  


Space Beyond Words holds at its core that happiness and success are already with us. It is a matter of awakening. We can live our lives in spaciousness, with clarity, ease, connected to the bold, fearless truth of joy, compassion, love, and equanimity. We can prosper despite pain and challenges. We are totally capable of accessing new levels of intelligence, open-hearted vision, inner resourcefulness - all of us.


If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you. It’s only a matter of how. You make a difference with your life.