Move to the next level of your endeavors. Step into true leadership. Travel beyond the mind's chatter into focus, clarity, and calm.

My name is Sophia Schweitzer. My mission with Space Beyond Words is simple: To help people and organizations in unlocking possibilities for deep success. To help an awakening into full aliveness, confidence, and joy. I am in your corner when you are dealing with complex issues, when you long to explore solutions linked to your truth and to practical, effective, inspiring steps forward. 

As your leadership coach, I promise to offer a safe space for you to explore your goals, a space where positive intentions take on form to become real. From dream to vision, from values to solution-focused planning and actual action, inner leadership development tends to be easier, lighter, and more efficient when you have someone go the distance with you. I promise to respect you, with integrity, kindness, and honesty, while you amplify your choices and capabilities. It's like finding breathing space for aspirations to turn smart. 

I invite you to discover what coaching into inner leadership can do for you. The flow and ease of commitment becomes more efficient in partnership. It works. 

If you have questions about coaching, including leadership and executive coaching, or my approach, please ask. I'll be happy to talk with you. And find out about complimentary 30-minute session offers here!  

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coaching for clarity and leadership
Sophia Schweitzer, NLP and solution-focused coach.

Space Beyond Words holds at its core that happiness and success are possible. We can live our lives in spaciousness, with clarity and ease, connected to the truth and experience of joy, caring, kindness, and equanimity. We can prosper despite inevitable pain and challenges. In the present moment, we are capable of accessing new levels of intelligence and open-hearted vision, and tap into inner resources for the unfolding of our highest-potential future.

Space Beyond Words Coaching links your deepest values to your vision, heightens motivation and accelerates positive action.

My style of coaching is based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming) principles. The advantage of working with me is that I have worked professionally in the fields of mindfulness and the human potential development movement as a guide, workshop leader, tutor, and advisor for over thirty years. Organizations for my work have included the Findhorn Foundation, Esalen, and Vipassana Hawaii.  An established writer, multilingual, now based in Hawaii, I bring sharp focus to our sessions. 

Through Erickson College in Canada, I am preparing for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am an ICF member in good standing. 


If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you. It’s only a matter of how. You make a difference with your life.