Leadership can be lonely. There may be few to talk to when you work through challenges. And yet, you know also this: 

  • You are a high performer.

  • You are extraordinarily capable and seek big impact. You know that your business can be a great force for good.

  • You are bursting to break conventions and free your truth. You are ready to scale.

  • You want to live, lead, give, be the best you are already—for your and your company's success, for a better world.

What holds you back? How do you work through doubts, insecurity, fear of failure, fear even of success? When your dream is to scale for deeply fulfilling success and positive impact, to own compassion and resilience, there is no point in struggling or staying small: But how do you lead into your fullness, with ease? How will you show up from an authentic place that you know as your inner beauty and home Stepping into your truth takes courage, a radical surrender. Traveling beyond the mind's chatter into abundance, awareness, and aliveness is powerful.   

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult.” ~ Warren Bennis.

And you can do it! Welcome to Space Beyond Words Coaching: We support people like you to overcome challenges and experience lasting transformation. We take you from your impossible dreams to extraordinary and radiant success. In our conversations we use words, yes, but in the quiet space beyond words your magic will happen. We are in your corner. We believe in conscious leaders and conscious companies - in service to a world in which we all want to live. If you have any questions about deep coaching, please ask.  I will be happy to talk with you. Thank you. Sophia Schweitzer,  Kapaau, Hawaii.  

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coaching for clarity and leadership
Sophia Schweitzer, NLP and solution-focused coach.

Space Beyond Words holds at its core that happiness and success are possible. We can live our lives in spaciousness, with clarity and ease, connected to the truth and experience of joy, caring, kindness, and equanimity. We can prosper despite inevitable pain and challenges. We are capable of accessing new levels of intelligence and open-hearted vision, and tap into inner resources for the unfolding of our highest-potential. We need this radical leadership today. 

A promise:

When I work with clients, we co-create a space of vision, commitment and trust. It’s a safe and candid space to explore dreams and challenges, moment by moment and long-term. From vague idea to clear vision, from abstract values to pragmatic strategies and actions, you will learn to embrace the truth of transformative leadership. It’s easier, lighter, and way more efficient when you have someone go the distance with you, believing in you. I promise to respect you, with integrity, kindness, and honesty, while you amplify your choices and capabilities. But I will not hold back from drawing out who you are. It's like breathing freedom.


If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you. It’s only a matter of how. You make a difference with your life.