Fierce and Fearless Compassion - A Circle for Extraordinary Women.

You have said, We need spaces where we as extraordinary, high-performing, aware women can come together. Safe spaces of belonging, to dream big, to scale insight and impact to whole new levels, for a meaningful, positive revolution in business, in personal/professional leadership. We need spaces where we can learn and grow.

Announcing our first Circle - for Extraordinary Women. It will launch in 2019. For women driven to know themselves and the world, to grow and learn, deepen connection to this life, and make a difference. Women like us.

If you are a high achiever, committed to positive change, creative, if you love fun, just being, play, success, if you are ready to break free, to leap out of ancient boxes, contact me about the circle, and the one-on-one, private, plus one-to-group coaching that it includes - to optimize powerful shifts for good. Because the planet needs us. We need ourselves. For an equitable, ethical, sustainable world. Contact me to learn more!

alex-wigan | unsplash

alex-wigan | unsplash

A few more notes: Here are just some of the issues we struggle with: Inner silencing and shame. Learned habits with which to disconnect. An outer holding back, through the conventions of society, language, culture. Anxiety, fear of failure, guilt. Limiting beliefs. 

What bonds us is our deep knowing rooted in the compassionate, wise heart of feminine leadership, the truth of belonging. What bonds us is that we want to explore and inquire, to be ourselves once and for all. And to be out in the world to apply who we are. 

What we uncover goes far beyond women only... Space Beyond Word Circles are for women to dream, to reclaim our belonging ground. But men are welcome. for even deeper heart and common ground. Because we all have to reclaim the fierce and fearless feminine. For this we need each other.

Circles are by invitation only to make sure we can maximize synergies. They are small, limited to eight members max. 

If you are interested in joining the 2019 Circle, let's talk. Just drop me a line

Of course, if you simply want to stay informed without joining at this time, or if you are interested in my blog, please subscribe to Space Beyond Words if you haven't done so yet. You can also  just let me know your preferences. With gratitude,  Sophia