Bold Leadership. Fierce Love: - a Pod for Rebel Entrepreneurs.

Why join a pod? You may want a skilled, professional coach and be with your own great, intelligent tribe. You may welcome challenges and the supportive, playful presence of peers. You feel safe in a small group where you can learn and contribute. You welcome learning. Most importantly, you recognize your own wild heart even if it scares you. You already feel the pull of rebellious leadership to create better things for a better world.

What will the pod cover? Content adapts to what surfaces for each member. In fact, as soon as you sign up, we’ll correspond one to one to get an initial sense of your and our landscape. Roughly, though, over 8 sessions, we play with themes such as the below:

  1. Beliefs: Where do our ideas, ideals, opinions, beliefs, stories, values and concepts about our world come from? Edgy as it is, sometimes it is a relief to question the unquestioned, toss some rules, and free ourselves from others’ truths into what is true for us. What might an unfiltered experience of reality be like? And what opens up?

  2. Habits: Have you ever done an energy audit for behavior, the way electric light companies do? Some habits serve us. Some…not so much. Thing is, habits keep us in our comfort zone. They’re part of the stories we tell ourselves, or they contradict the stories. Every creative thought you have throws you out of your comfort zone. Magic then is in understanding habits.

  3. I want to be be more fully me: But who am I anyways? We can hold more than one truth. We can hang out in the gap that is at once grounded in what is, in current reality and lean into our infinite potential. The challenge is, are you really ready for freedom? Dare you drop labels, become fiercely, wildly, weirdly and universally you?

  4. Compass or Road Map: It’s powerful to be in touch with purpose, have a vision. (No worries if you aren’t.) But we risk getting stuck on outcomes aligned with these, focus on the destination. Risk obsessing about the map—tactics + steps that will get us there. But what happens when we turn the outcome into a compass instead? Going with what unfolds, yet with a vision.

  5. The courage to dream: Dreams that scare us yet have the power to heal. Real vision that makes us incredibly vulnerable. It’s the heart and the broken heart. So, yeah, a big deal. But is it? How are you with failure or success when it matters? With joy? How are you with your aloneness, belonging, Hell Yes and Hell No. This is about the truth of embodying conscious business.

  6. Levels of reality: Neuroscience has a lot to say about our natural tendency to react rather than to create, to control and defend rather than to open and listen. Asking for help is hard. Opting for the higher mind when it seems pointless is hard. Staying fully present in relationship with others, slowing down, all challenging. Thing is, we can cultivate our choices, space.

  7. Productivity: The big quest. Time management is seldom the issue. Energy management often is. But more than this, we confuse productivity with effectiveness, and to-do-lists with prioritizing. From GTD to the calm approach that the folks at Basecamp apply, we have choices on being effective, feeling fulfilled, and at ease—all at once.

  8. Imposter syndrome and perfectionism: “Our deepest humanity is our highest possibility,” says Thomas Hubl. “Sonder,” says the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. We are enough. We have always been enough. We are not that important in the grand frame of life. We are that important. Celebrating the high achiever (who perhaps just wants to feel worthy and lovable).

What will you receive, what can you expect? The pod meets once every 4 weeks. During this time, you participate in 8 60- minute group video calls (zoom), with teaching (minimal), one-on-one and in-group coaching, and, when there is time, questions and answers. The exact times for the calls depend on pod participant geography but will likely take place at 4pm EST. We'll record the sessions, so that if you cannot make it, you can listen at another time at your convenience. I may send out recommended readings or video recordings to watch. The invitation is also to play with targeted assignments in between sessions. What happens in between is as important as the calls themselves. We’ll also open a private forum for in-between messaging and support.

What does the pod cost? $650 per member. Based on minimum of 5 people (max. 10). Price to adjust for smaller numbers.

Yes! How do I apply or find out more? Click here to send me an email.

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"You will find your way by reconciling what you learn from others and what you discover on your own. You'll get lost. At times you'll lose hope. But if you stay curious and self aware, your intuition and conviction will be your compass." - Scott Belsky