Aloha, friends.
Here for your private invitation to join a Space Beyond Words pilot pod. Finally...!

What is it:
A six-month program for wild-hearted leaders, rebel entrepreneurs, and fearless creatives committed to awareness, aliveness, abundance. To building conscious businesses for a wellbeing world. Exploring our deepest humanity as a path into living our highest possibility. Practical, playful, productive, purposeful.

Why are you receiving this invite?
We have possibly already shared a deep conversation or have glimpsed what we mutually are about. To me, you are a wild-hearted leader.

The pod will launch Thursday July 18, 2019 and end just before the holidays.

Highlights in detail - content.
We'll support and honor each other in wanting to grow who we are and our mission in this world, whatever this means for each one of us. Not so much about giving advice. Much about opening space with good questions and a lot of listening. Offering each other accountability, by showing up, by being present. Here are some possible questions we might explore in summary:

  • How shall we let go of ideas, beliefs, stories, concepts that do not serve us?

  • How shall we rediscover the magic of great habits?

  • What might it be like to hang out in the gap between what is and what can be?

  • How shall we dream the dreams that scare us yet have the power to heal? Then implement?

  • What really is success? How shall we achieve it?

  • How do we embody conscious business?

  • How do we move from reacting to creating? Effectiveness and integrity.

  • Day by day by day, am I making choices that are life giving for me and other people?

Highlights in detail - logistics.

  • We'll keep the pod small, twelve people max, five minimum. (With a 2nd pod waiting list).

  • Six-months, ten 75-minute group video calls...see how it goes. First call: July 18, 10am HST; Ending before the holidays.

  • A short coaching call with me before the first pod starts.

  • The pod calls include a bit of teaching, one-on-one and in-group laser coaching, Q&A, discussion, open space to offer support for each other.

  • We'll record the sessions, so that if you cannot make it, you can listen at another time.

  • You'll receive recommended readings and other resources.

  • An invitation to keep learning in between sessions with targeted assignments.
    (What happens in between calls is as important as the calls themselves.)

  • In-between messaging and support with your cohort.

  • A second one-on-one coaching call with me toward the end of the six months.

What does the pod cost? $995.

Fees are not refundable. We are here to support each other as a cohort. However, if you have to drop out, for whatever reason, of course you may do so at any time. SBW will donate your remaining paid fees to the Equal Justice Initiative or the Polaris Project.

Yes! How do I apply? Click here to send me an email.

Of course, if you simply want to stay informed at this time and haven't yet, please subscribe to Space Beyond Words!
With gratitude, Sophia