Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being. ~ Rumi

You are:
Creative, intelligent, a deep thinker, aware. You love radical inquiry, and breaking conventions. A high-performer, you are committed to impact. You are a leader for yourself, for others. With deep spirit, you are fun, strong, and powerful. Even if you have your doubts, insecurities, a vulnerability. Inner fulfillment is critical to you, although it may seem elusive. You have so much to contribute, to create, to live. are holding back, or feel held back. You aren't giving all of you. Something about your compass doesn’t match up. You know this. It hurts.

Women have learned how to hold back. Men have learned how to hold back. A thousand and one ways to stop ourselves from owning the possibility of our dreams for a just and beautiful world. You are not alone in fearing the consequences of living your fierce truth, of showing your vulnerability, of breaking out of the box. In getting distracted. In feeling an urgent and deep, deep longing. And asking, What the hell? How do I best lead? 

Perhaps you have doubted yourself because no one takes your unique and singular force seriously. Maybe you don't even believe in yourself. You may have used your spirituality as a place to hide behind. There are lots of hiding places. You want to play large. There is the thing with time and energy. 

Sometimes, it helps to be compassionate with ourselves. You are you and powerful in being extraordinarily you. You are already a great leader. So are you ready to expand into exponential success? In Nelson Mandela's words: “There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Let's leap. For the sake of you, your dream, us, this world. 

I am:
A transformation leadership coach. I serve for deep shifts to occur, from insight to impact - into extraordinary ways of being and radiant fulfillment plus success.  What you are accomplishing already and want to accomplish in the future can be easy. Because you are on purpose and living into your purpose. I invite you to step into your abundance and wholeness. You can experience freedom, embrace the fire of impossible goals, and wake up each morning with a Hell Yes. This really is the rare opportunity that is your life. This really is the best time to lead consciously. 

My name is Sophia Schweitzer (Contact) and I am fortunate to live a passionate commitment in serving people to unlock undreamed of possibilities for success for themselves and for a world we all want to live in. Because I held back myself way too long. Fortunately, I learned with some of the greatest and most awesome leaders in this world. They held me to my true north. My gratitude always to them. I have worked internationally and across cultures, with clients in start-ups and political leadership, in thriving conscious companies and IT industries. I deeply understand the unique challenges of female, feminine leadership and amid transitions/uncertainty. An established award-winning author, multilingual, I hold a degree in French literature and linguistics and so I gladly offer author coaching for leaders with a book in them. An Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) and accredited with the International Coach Federation (ACC), my strengths derive from decades of mindfulness practice (Theravada Vipassana), human potential development work (Esalen and Findhorn), and years of loving an living in Hawaii. 

inner resources, highest potential - coaching with sophia

Through the program that we create together:
We'll craft a powerful vision, coupled to an effective strategy. You will replace fears, doubts and limiting beliefs with a way of being and knowing your world that supports you, with tiny shifts in your thinking that cause exponential shifts. We will identify any new skills you may need and develop them. You will learn liberating ways to manage your energy and explore your creativity. And you will scale your company for deep success. 

Schedule a conversation today. Live your leadership. Because the challenges you are facing are invitations for the mindful, clear heart to wake up to its radical response-ability, empathy, and love for this planet. 

Your life is worth it. Life is worth it.