You are: Creative, intelligent, a deep thinker, aware. A high-performer, committed to positive impact. Hard on yourself. A leader, inner or outer. With deep spirit, powerful. A connection with something vaster than we are, even if elusive. You want to be awake to beauty. You want to have great positive impact with your business. You want pragmatism, and deeper.

The thing is, there are a thousand and one ways to stop ourselves from owning the possibility of our dreams for a just, beautiful world. You aren’t alone in fearing the consequences of living fierce truth, vulnerability. You aren’t alone. In asking: What the hell?

I am: A transformation leadership coach. I help you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before, yet take smaller steps than you have ever taken. I serve for deep shifts to occur, from insight to impact, measurable success. What I offer is practical. But more than that, you’ll experience freedom, the wondrousness of living with love for what is even while you make things better, the awe of living with paradox.

My desire for you is that you wake up each morning with a Hell Yes, your blood singing with the magic that is already here. This really is the rare opportunity that is your life. Today on this rare planet. This really is the best time to lead consciously. We are both built for this reality.

inner resources, highest potential - coaching with sophia

My name is Sophia Schweitzer and I am fortunate to live a passionate commitment in serving people to unlock exponential success for themselves and for a world we all want to live in. I held back myself way too long. With all my rebelliousness and wild heart in hiding. My gratitude is with all the many leaders, friends, mentors who held me to my true north. It’s my turn to support others with their compass of truth.

I have worked internationally and across cultures, with clients in IT and political leadership, and especially in conscious companies. I understand the unique challenges of heart-centered leadership, amid paradox and uncertainty. An award-winning author, multilingual, I hold a degree in French literature & linguistics. An Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC), accredited with the International Coach Federation (ACC), my strengths derive from decades of mindfulness practice (Theravada Vipassana), years in Esalen and Findhorn, plus loving and living in Europe and Hawaii. To read more about my writing, click here for books and here for shorter pieces.