Coaching Two Sessions for the Price of One

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x 1 Italo Calvino - love and transformation.jpg

Coaching Two Sessions for the Price of One

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One on One Space Beyond WordsCoaching:

One-Hour Session.

  • One 20-minute call to connect.

  • Two Personalized one-Hour one-on-one Coaching Conversations by Video for the Price of One.*

  • Early access to writings, book reviews, resources: pragmatic, philosophical, applicable, deep.

    *This Two-for-One offer is valid only once. Ask me about other packages.

What clients have said about working with Sophia:

"Working with you was full of heart, made me feel good on a much deeper level and it is effective. There are so many measurables with real impact that I can show. Including my confidence, the way I present myself in the world and after 3 months of blockage - many contracts signed and new clients coming in. All aligned with my purpose on this planet and people I want to serve and be around.” (Maya Zuckerman.)

“I can't believe how different I feel realizing that I am already "playing big." This has been a huge relief and has helped me feel more empowered with my time. I have felt a big shift happen. Thank you for all the support, deep questions, the container you hold for this kind of exploration and breaking down of internal barriers.” (Deb Matl.)

“Being lifted out of mediocre is quite amazing. Thank you. Would it be too strange to have Hell No tattooed on one arm and Hell Yes on the other?” (Sharon Schmidt.)

“So grateful for our time together. I am making good progress on the path forward that we have worked on together. Your deep, thought provoking and often challenging questions and invitations to vision into the future are the first aspects of our work together that come to mind that I found to be especially beneficial.” (M. P.)