Begin with a deep conversation. Nothing else matters for now. 

Deep-Shift Conversation.
If you have come to this page, I know you welcome insight as well as learning, growing, new impact for good. What if you are possible, right? What if you can claim your vision, your belonging, your fulfillment? Today? What if you could go for it, not in a haphazard way (I am not big on following our passions blindly), but with a consistency fueled by unstoppable motivation and wise strategy? What if you could scale up? I ask you to commit to possibility. I ask you to allow for exponential success for you and this planet. If you can say yes wholeheartedly, I invite you to a conversation that may be life-changing for you, no strings attached. I'll set aside two hours, because I take inner-outer leadership seriously.

If you want to be in a created space that is safe and candid, if you want to see clearly and go from insight to impact, work with me through direct, deep, and fiercely compassionate coaching. As a leader you are about transformation, courage, change, boldness and vulnerability in the gap of the unknown. Contact me for a deep conversation.

Author conversation.
Some of you have asked me to offer a hybrid of coaching+consulting for writers. As an author (, I have traveled the ever-changing publishing landscape widely. But here is the thing about you: If you are a wildly curious deep thinker who excels or wants to excel in creating compelling narrative from the highly complex issues, stories and data surrounding us, and you want to grow as a person to claim your vision, your belonging, your fulfillment exponentially - you have come to the right place. I am right with you to explore the doubts and fears that hold you back. Together we’ll play with what it is to think like a reader, to work like a writer, to enjoy the process. What makes a story a success? What makes you a writer? What makes you a success? How do you go about publishing? If you want to be in a created space that is safe and candid, if you want to see clearly and go from insight to impact as an author, work with me. Contact me for a deep conversation.

Leadership retreat.
Get out of the office and into the inspiring environment of Kapaau, Hawaii. Three, four or five-day custom retreats for leadership teams or Boards. We'll design a retreat that works for you. Suggested topics could include: Strategic Planning, Team Dynamics, Creating High Performance, Executive Presence, Emotional Intelligence, Impactful Communication, Inspiring Teams...  Make it happen!  Contact my retreat partner Terry Lipovski to find out more.  "Get focused. Get inspired."

Space Beyond Words pledge:
Five percent of all net income goes to social justice and equality causes. 


To think about:

Amid our top regrets when we are dying: 
"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself." 
"I wish I had let myself be happier."

Joseph Campbell: “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty ‘yes’ to your adventure.”

Recent Testimonials

On solid ground.
"I never had a coach before.  I never felt so embraced by a counselor before.  I get choked up thinking about what a blessing you are."  — D., Environmental impact sector

Thank you for the exceptional adventures we have taken. Joy with exuberance, pride in my passion for beauty, allowing ease to soften. My anxious moments and the sense of adventure to guide me through my fears are some of the highlights of our work. With gratitude. —

Joyous change.
It feels like, I may be experiencing balance and definitely a lots more happiness. Hurray! Sophia, I feel you’ve been such an amazing trusted partner in these joyous changes. — Creatives sector

Amazing result.
“I want to share the final result of my daughter’s college planning since I brought a related topic to some of our coaching. My daughter got an acceptance notification from Harvard this morning. She will be playing ice-hockey on Harvard Crimson, the varsity team of the university, from September this year.  The coaching helped my family to get this amazing result from my side.” — Eiji, Japan. (IT sector)

Space to explore on profound levels.
"I began my coaching uncertain if I was a good candidate. My life was in good shape. I was not unhappy. I had no specific goals in mind. But I also knew that something powerful in me longed for greater expression. With gentle guidance, deep listening, truthfulness and patience, Sophie gave me space to explore this on profound levels.  She helped me to discover greater satisfaction and a calm contentment that I hadn’t known or understood before. I am truly grateful and gratified to have worked with Sophie, and urge others to do so, too.”  — Alan G., Hawaii. (Writer)

Able to find answers
“Having moved from Brussels to Toronto end of 2016, it’s great to have Sophie as a coach. Through her experience, true wish to support my progression, and powerful questioning I am able to find personal or professional answers to questions that might keep me back. I can only recommend working with her.” — Hugh, Toronto, Canada. (sales)

For anyone in transition.
"Sophie, your quick and complete follow up after each session was so helpful to recap what territory we had covered, and gave me incentive to follow through on my initiatives.  Sometimes my action was immediate! I got a lot from working with you because you had such a gentle way of helping me dig deep into my values, and showed how I could focus on making small steps to tweak one role in my life at a time. It was fascinating to see that it rippled positively into other aspects on the ‘wheel’.  This is powerful work for anyone at a ‘transition’ in life, or feeling stuck, or battling with procrastination. The work helped me get clear on what I wanted and steps needed to get there. Much gratitude for your deep wisdom and listening skills. I’ll be back for more sometime in the future." — Elaine, Hawaii. (real estate)