“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”

This is what business school professor and leadership pioneer Warren Bennis once wrote. And my effort through Space Beyond Words Coaching is to support you in this process. Two invitations: To find out more about working together, please click through to the home page or contact me. To subscribe to the blog, stay in touch, and receive a free PDF, "spiraling into happiness through the loops of small moments," click on the gray button below.

Once you subscribe, you'll receive, infrequently and on no set dates, thoughts, tools, and resources on possibilities for deep success, fulfillment, happiness. Spaces for exploration on what what it means to know ourselves as radically alive. Invitations to delve into questions, such as, Who are we when we are the best we can be? How can we help our teams? Because leadership is about humans being in relationships.

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Step into your truth as a leader. 
Travel beyond the mind's chatter into focus, clarity, and calm.
Move into your lightness of being, your presence, you.

This list is also a way for you and I to connect and offer connection. Feel free to write any time. I welcome and respect your thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and will always do my best to write back. In gratitude, Sophia Schweitzer, Kapaau, Hawaii. 

Coaching entrepreneurs to become their very best selves. Creating compassionate, clear leadership one conversation at a time.