You seek real positive impact for this earth. With greater effectiveness and joy. You want to earn enough money to stay in business, enjoy prosperity. You would love equanimity. Knowing you are plenty even as you know you can expand. You long for what you know is possible and want to love what is. You long to feel worthy, fearless and tender. Spaciousness.

Your deepest fear is that you may never have this: To fall in love with life and the mystery of life and finally live it, breathe awe and belonging, and then perhaps you might even give all this away so others can love this life too because there is enough always enough and we are enough!

What’s Space Beyond Words Coaching for: This is about you feeling more effective, with your heart delighted, at peace: Making a positive difference in the world as an entrepreneur while knowing joy, prosperity, wellbeing. This is about you landing in your life.

Who’s It For? You are a game changer. You are ready for your next level. You want to soar wider. You work hard to make this world a better place. You have pragmatic business problems. But you also wonder about the deeper issues. Reclaim your possibilities, greater impact.

What’s the Promise? You’ll resolve immediate concerns. You’ll be more effective. With energy, joy, clarity. Measurable success. You’ll understand how vastly capable you are, will love living in the paradox of life. You will change the ways you think and act for change.

“This work elicits a calm I now easily access in myself, a way of being in the world that really loves what is even though my entire work is focused on making things better. Her work asks me to love, period. Not so that I can do greater things. And yet, I am doing greater things. Weird.”

Writers and Creatives conversation.
Some of you have asked me to offer a hybrid of coaching + consulting for writers and other creatives. As an author and science writer, raised with the arts, I have traveled the ever-changing creative landscape widely. Contact me. Let’s become clear on the where you want to go as an author so I can support you best.

Space Beyond Words pledge: When you decide to work with me, at least one percent of fees goes to social justice and equality causes. 


Extra: A Space Beyond Words Spiral Into Success:
Aspiration: What change are you wanting to make? Why is this important?
Intention: Intentionality is all we ever have. Even as game changers. What is your intention? It will serve you as a compass.
Attention: What is happening right now? What wants to happen next. An invitation to focus, choose your next step.
Action: You don't need confidence. Nor hope. Only enough courage to take your next small step. What is it?
Celebration: You did it. You’re moving forward, aligned with your aspiration. Let it in.
Integration: Evaluate without judgment. What worked well? Could have been better? What did I learn?
Then: Begin again.