Maverick March: Are you in?

Here is for a challenge I've taken on with some friends. We call it Maverick March. Want to join us?

Because: We get in a funk, bored by our routine, cozy in our circle of comfort. We get way too brainy about our business. For me, for a bit, I lost touch with wild heart and inner rebelliousness, singing blood, life directly touching, touched. It isn't a great place to come from.

Another because: We become overly preoccupied by our brand - this compulsion to distinguish ourselves from others in the playing field - but brands, ah, they bite back. They are like labels, limiting us.

During the mid-1800s, Texas politician and cattle rancher Sam Maverick refused to brand his cattle. He said it was cruel to animals; others said it was a ruse for him to claim unbranded cattle in the area. So what might happen, if for one month we venture out without a brand? What if we drop our rules, break constraints, rebel against routine? Who knows what opens up - surprising joy, wild creativity, dancing blood?

credit: axel antas-bergkvist | unsplash

credit: axel antas-bergkvist | unsplash

Drop us a line if you are in. One small thing, regularly, for one month, that points in the direction of freedom. It's up to us!

Labels, blind spots, freedom.

We label ourselves. We think we know how we come across. But sometimes we are lucky: A wake-up call happens. Many years ago, someone yelled at me, furious, startling me smack into seeing something that I had been blind to.

You see, the labels I clung to? None of them were real. They were fixed entities. Stuck in the past. I saw myself as invisible, sweet, young, naive. Are you kidding? If anything, I was a rebel. Had I forgotten that I got all but kicked out of school more than once? So I hurt someone, bad. I had no idea that my words do not always come across as sweet. That my invisibility can be manipulative. I had no idea about the impact I had, believing that certain rules did not apply to me. I confused the present with that past. It was the first time in my life that someone shouted loud, at me. A trembling. But I did not melt.

Instead, a river opened. Reality a bit more fluid. It woke up my heart. The rebellious heart. We are in this together. Us seeing us as we are, raw, human, vulnerable. It is fierce love, tender heart that we see, anyways. No kidding. The truth of leadership includes this. (This cool article prompted this post.)

edi libedinsky | unsplash

edi libedinsky | unsplash

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