Networking: Opening space for relationship.

What exactly is networking, what do we do, how do we behave? Something at the core of real networking connects us to our shared humanity. Networking is perhaps nothing more but the quiet, contemplative art of crafting with others a web that holds the luminescence of empty space and nurtures the health of relationship. Networking in spaciousness is never about me and always about we. We belong. I don’t need anything in the circle of this net. We help each other. 

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The myth of confidence

The entire article was published on April 25, 2018 in Conscious Company Media magazine.  I was pleased to write for them. 


Entrepreneurs are a confident bunch. Research shows that 4 out of 5 new businesses give themselves a 70 percent chance of success when starting up. The reality is that only a third are still in business 10 years later.

“Confidence is a belief about one’s capabilities,” says Don Moore, a professor of organizational behavior at the University of California, Berkeley. “Overconfidence is a discrepancy between this belief and reality, an excessive faith that is not backed by facts. When you hold on too adamantly to incorrect beliefs, it is easy to get in trouble.”

Fortunately, we can learn to access the right amount of confidence. Here are six ways to cultivate the perfect balance.

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Loneliness and leadership - from aloneness to community

Our loneliness has long served as a message that we need community to thrive. Belonging is who we have become. To feel the warmth of bonding and the rhythm of our heart is to be human. We cannot ever solve loneliness by turning to external validation, though. We cannot belong from a place of lack. We cannot belong without true kindness. The big paradox then: To feel less lonely, we actually, first of all, need to hang out a little more with ourselves: Alone. And from the space of all-oneness, kind with ourselves, we can create community. 

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On meeting myself

In his poem In this passing moment, the Zen priest Hogen Bays writes: If there is pain, I choose to feel. Whom I encounter, I choose to meet. I try to apply these lines at a bus stop, where an elderly man wearing rags shuffles across weeds. And I fall short. ... My personal reflections in this essay mirror in their own ways a radical self inquiry, which the heart of deep coaching invites us to. Which compassionate leadership invites us to. Enjoy.

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The magic of leadership service

When within our workplaces we feel valued and appreciated, our targeted market out in the world will feel valued and well served. We can create appreciation through impeccable service toward each other inside the company. It's matter of perspective, kindness, helpfulness, and gratitude. When we serve our teams first, our causes will do their work in the world like magic.

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