The space around our goals

We tend to place an enormous social and cultural value on reaching our goals, ideally with maximum efficiency. We hang our personal identity onto them, we map strict strategies, build grit. But is this approach in our best interest? It is possible that we miss out on all that occurs in the space beyond our focused strategies, on all that is invisible to a mind that limits itself to reaching a future that doesn’t exist. It is even possible that we miss out on an outcome that far surpasses the goal we had originally in mind. Because our ability to meet the moments just as they are affects our thinking. Great results anchor in relationship with what is occurring. Great results anchor in our willingness to lean into each moment with clarity and spaciousness. Read more here about the space around goals (and the unexpected ways of surpassing them).

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Thoughts on success

“What counts is what we are, and the way we deepen our relationship with the world and with others, a relationship that can be one of both love for all that exists and of desire for its transformation.” ~ Italo Calvino.

Relationships, love, transformation, understanding, a continuum of happenings: Might these dynamics really be what our lives are about? I ask this question because I am interested in success and the makings of success. I ask because our conventional pursuit of success seems often measured by clearly defined outcomes that are fairly static. But might it be true, instead, that success is a dynamic force that flows within the natural changing forces of our lives, a constant happening as well? Happiness infuses my notion of success when I approach it as a continuum. A relief almost! Read more here

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