rebel leader: a tribute

A sudden death and work unfinished. This friend of ours, wild-hearted leader to the max. Science, economics, a ruckus for scalable practical pathways to reverse climate change at the nexus of food, water, and energy.

He was at home in the gap, the open space lifted by the tension between what is (for him: data, stats, science, models, the beauty of this planet.) and what one knows that can be from the depth of knowing (for him: more science, prototypes, applied research, more models, the beauty of this planet.). Something else in this space of paradox: Heart at peace; diligence; skill; the willingness to learn; urgency, and love. The ultimate outcome of the research - shared with a cohort- was not up to him. He had just finished a book, so close to publishing. He could only show and live in what he knew to be true.

Our meditation teacher spoke of the ones more peaceful than peace itself. The ones that embody an awareness bigger than our small fearful selves. The ones that are messengers alongside old age, illness, and death. The truth where paradox itself ceases.

We who love life so fiercely, our powerful missions - we just do our work then, showing up, vulnerable, courageous, real. We know what can be. Heart at peace.

photo credit: geoffroy hauwen | unsplash

photo credit: geoffroy hauwen | unsplash