Tracking our impact.

Tom’s of Maine. Patagonia. Smaller brands. The thousands who work alone, a team of five or fifty. Us. Social or environmental impact embeds itself into the reason of our work.

Tracking how we show up: Such as this: CauseGear, August 18, 2019: 21,867 days of freedom provided to date to women at risk of slavery. Or this: UnitedByBlue, 1,756,888 pounds of trash removed from oceans to date. 

The things we make or purchase, vehicles for a better future.

The word effective is important. Effectiveness is systemic. Addressing roots, not applying band-aids. Being in it for the long run. Consistence over time. Leadership such that we can remain in business while knowing results. 

Are we doing enough for this? Are we enough? Do we have enough time? Can we be more effective? How do we assess without the measurement of days or pounds?

One connection that transforms. One new hire that changes a life. Recognizing the moment of feeling seen, rediscovering beauty, the courage to go forward. The ripple effect of your fierce clear presence. Effectiveness happens in the moment.  The things we make and purchase, vehicles for who we are today. 

Take note. Write it down. These are measurements. Begin.

We are enough. Plenty. Full stop. Even when we are capable of more.  Loving what is then. The simplicity of landing where we are. Who are we becoming in our fierce love? Giving it our best. Showing up. Learning to build. The greatest joy, to share and grow this. This is living our humanity. More than enough, of course.

Will you take note today? One beautiful moment?

credit: nasa | unsplash

credit: nasa | unsplash

And for the research:
This Stanford Social Impact study shows that 66 percent of us are more willing to try products made by a purpose-driven company than ones made by a traditional company. And 57 percent of us say we’ll pay more for a product made by a purpose-driven company.

Thanks as always for reading. Please do share with others: Together we grow our impact for good 10x.  With gratitude, sophia