Seven is not an option

The mediocre. The okay. The not bad. It could be worse. Ho-hum. I call these the sevens of life. On scales of one to ten.

Where one means, we’re barely alive, hanging on with fraying threads. Where ten means, freedom. Really, in love with life and the mystery of life. Joy. Breathing awe and belonging. Getting it, the truth of prosperity, generosity, the aspirations of our work. Because there is enough always enough and we are enough! 

Loving what is, full stop. Even when we work toward making things better. 

We all have seven days, seven moments. But here is the thing: What if sevens are not an option? You see, we are better than that. We can do better for ourselves than copping sevens. 

A six, this pain. It’s real. Dare I be vulnerable? Dare I tell you, “Look, I am hurting?” Will you be here for me? Can I be here for myself and feel into compassion? Where shall I go with this?

Why the seven mask. 

An eight, this commitment. Declaring, I am. Inviting an even greater vulnerability. Unexamined, joy is a terrifying emotion. We fear it might be taken away. Usually, when we say seven, we secretly feel eight. But will the world welcome my eight-ness or feel it as a threat? Will I give myself permission to be present for the love of life and the consequences of this love? 

Why the seven mask.  

Choosing joy a moment longer. Vulnerable with the eight even if a moment.
Claiming our eights. Nines. Tens. 

credit: nicolai berntsen | unsplash

credit: nicolai berntsen | unsplash

And for some facts on living into our eights: As much as 40 percent of our happiness levels are within our control, according to some happiness researchers.

Research published in the British Medical Journal shows that if a close friend is happy, it increases the likelihood that you'll feel happier by 15 percent. Even being near people who you don't know very well will increase your chance for joy by 6 percent.