Maverick March: Are you in?

Here is for a challenge I've taken on with some friends. We call it Maverick March. Want to join us?

Because: We get in a funk, bored by our routine, cozy in our circle of comfort. We get way too brainy about our business. For me, for a bit, I lost touch with wild heart and inner rebelliousness, singing blood, life directly touching, touched. It isn't a great place to come from.

Another because: We become overly preoccupied by our brand - this compulsion to distinguish ourselves from others in the playing field - but brands, ah, they bite back. They are like labels, limiting us.

During the mid-1800s, Texas politician and cattle rancher Sam Maverick refused to brand his cattle. He said it was cruel to animals; others said it was a ruse for him to claim unbranded cattle in the area. So what might happen, if for one month we venture out without a brand? What if we drop our rules, break constraints, rebel against routine? Who knows what opens up - surprising joy, wild creativity, dancing blood?

credit: axel antas-bergkvist | unsplash

credit: axel antas-bergkvist | unsplash

Drop us a line if you are in. One small thing, regularly, for one month, that points in the direction of freedom. It's up to us!