Fierce love, wild heart - integrated leadership.

Listening to the heart: What does it even mean? I think, it means to integrate the heart's intelligence with the intelligence of the brain. Listening to our wholeness. How many beats in a lifetime to live my dream, to have known love, loved and love-able. That matters.

A story: Me doing. Not enough. Being. Not enough. Aiming. Not enough. Not enough, say my thoughts. To control the thoughts, my ego has a few rules. What has love got to do with it. Or heart!

Silicon Valley's Kamal Ravikant writes: "The truth is to love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up if you were hanging off a cliff with your fingers. As if your life depended on it...Make up your mind as to whether you are willing to wholeheartedly reject all non-loving beliefs about yourself in favor of loving yourself without reservation."

A truth: Sixty percent of our heart cells are neural cells, similar to those in the brain. But unlike the thinking mind, the heart is a rebel, wild, unstructured. We need rebelliousness. We are so hard on ourselves.

photo credit: juan davila | unsplash

photo credit: juan davila | unsplash

So what is the one problem in this world that you wish you could solve because it breaks your heart? Who is that one person you would love to talk with, but are afraid to ask? What would it be like for you to make a choice in favor of your creativity? Of yourself? Because you are enough? We can choose to dream better, connect better, contribute better. We are weird at heart, seriously! We KNOW love wants us to make choices for beauty.

Really, what stops us? How did we even get to believing a story that we aren't good enough? I think, we have forgotten how to dream. Simple as that. We have learned to fear what might unfold. We don't give ourselves permission. Instead, we play in the shadows of cynicism, which in its bitterness seeks to justify itself. I know for myself how sometimes my disillusion cannot bear lightness or ease. Ouch. Cynicism poisons, closes the doors of joy and compassion, cuts off the flow of love.

A truth: None of us knows the limits of our achievement. None of us knows what can happen in a space firmly held by love and wisdom. It is life itself. We can trust that we have the knowledge inside of us to create success. We can trust ease.